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FIELD ART exhibits my work on Michigan tree farm

Field Art is a 2 day open air pop up gallery on a 20 acre Tree Farm in rural Michigan located within 30 minutes of Detroit.

I met the curator Jason Maracani at a performance of The Builder's Association ELEMENT'S OF OZ (an incredible piece of story telling integrated with augmented reality and streaming video). Jason had just put deposit down on the tree farm and was looking for artists to participate. I liked the challenge of figuring out a climate proof fabrication of my work (which is digital by nature) and I liked having a deadline... I had to produce something by the time Field Art opened.

I created a collage of portraits and printed on plastic vinyl as a large scale banner. I hosted interactive versions of the 3D sculptures on Sketchfab so they could be experienced on a smart phone from the tree farm.

Here is the artistic statement I included with the work.

Field Art asks that as artists we respond to the prompt of a tree farm. 

As the rings of a tree can reveal the unique experience a tree has lived through, so too can a 3D interactive sculpture reveal what is inside us.

Night Sculpture is the work of portrait artist Lisa Niedermeyer. Using 3D capture technology in the dark, Niedermeyer creates both a new type of photography as well as interactive sculpture we can explore with our hands via our devices. Her portraits reveal the truths bodies communicate when seen as volume and landscape, and the 3d interactive sculptures create space for people to make these discoveries on their own.

What I sent to the printer.

What I sent to the printer.

A sampling of the other artists included in Field Art (my work is in lower left square).

A sampling of the other artists included in Field Art (my work is in lower left square).


Sending out gratitude to.. Stephen at POP Printing in Brooklyn for helping me navigate my first fabrication in vinyl, he does work old school as an informed collaborator, not just a vendor. I highly recommend him (great prices too). Huge shout out to Jason the curator for his ambitious idea, giving me the opportunity to participate, and taking care of the installation.